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New York Central Commodore Vanderbilt (1930s).

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Wabash F7A No. 1160 and CN 2-8-2 No. 3431, Fort Erie, Ontario, 1956. Photo by Jim Shaughnessy. #locomotive #photo #monogram #train #railway #old #history #motor #engine #USA

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The New York Central...Best looking train EVER!

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Art Deco Monument | Joseph Stalin locomotive in a train station in Russia

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New York Central. Streamlined 4-6-4 Hudson steam locomotive was one of several which pulled the legendary 20th Century Limited. Built 1938. Streamline Art-Deco design by Henry Dreyfuss.

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Shrouded steam locomotives appeared in the 1930's - pure Art Deco design.

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Locomotive Mallard

Good looking locomotive .

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Streamlined Union Pacific locomotives, streamliner aerodynamic locomotive railroad retro art deco futuristic train trains

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New York Central "Commodore Vanderbilt" - 1935 NYC's first steam streamliner was designed by Carl Kantola (with wind tunnel testing at Cleveland's Case Institute) and fabricated as a converted Hudson in the railroad's shops near Albany. The Commodore Vanderbilt was the second-string New York - Chicago run to the premier 20th Century Limited.

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New York Central "The Rexall Train" (1936).

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#Streamlined Locomotive, #RaymondLoewy #locomotive #photo #train #railway #old #history #motor #engine #curves #black #USA

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Streamlined locomotives, streamliner aerodynamic locomotive railroad retro art deco futuristic train trains

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#locomotive #photo #coloured #train #railway #old #history #motor #engine

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Oblique View

T1 Duplex - one of the greatest steam locomotives ever produced.

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Monogram Train

#Detroit, #Toledo #locomotive #photo #monogram #train #railway #old #history #motor #engine #black #USA

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The Green Diamond was a steamlined passager train operated by the Illinois Central Railroad between Chicago, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri from 1936 until 1968

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Bring back jet engine trains! This is Really something. New York Central's jet powered RDC and its Russian counterpart.

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The New York Central "High-speed" railcar M-497, put together by the NYC Railroad in 1966. This first "High-speed" railcar, was a 13 year old Budd RDC (rail diesel car) that had once run in the Boston and Albany Beeliner Fleet. The diesel engines were disconnected and 2 GE J-47 turbojet aircraft engines were mounted on the roof. The car had a streamlined front, and special cylindrical tread wheels were installed. New York Central Railroad Publicity Photo.

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Loewy locomotive streamlined locomotives, streamliner aerodynamic railroad retro art deco futuristic train trains