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Unusual Tree

The natural regeneration of a Baobab tree. These trees live a very long time. Some up to 1000 years old. As they grow, Baobab trees have a tendency to hollow themselves from the inside.

Apparently this is one of the oldest cork trees in the world  - planted in 1783 and producing cork since 1820. Location: Águas de Moura, Marateca, Portugal   .https://www.facebook.com/regressarasorigens/photos/a.478665948847310.1073741826.478659782181260/632442033469700/?type=1

The world’s Largest Cork Tree. The world’s largest cork tree, Alentejo - PORTUGAL. years old, producing corks since It was 5 years old when the first English settlers arrived in Australia, and 6 years old when the French Revolution began in

a natureza é uma arte !

(Wood shaping and woodsinging) Rainforest undergrowth. Tangled lianas (woody vines) covered in moss. Lianas use trees for vertical support in order to reach the top of the canopy and other well-lit areas of the rainforest. Photographed near Iquitos, Peru.

Le monde mystique des champignons capturé en photos. De véritables villas pour les Schtroumpfs !

Quand les rôles s'inversent... L'homme envahit le monde des Aliens !

Pretty pink Rhodotus palmatus ~ by ~Drccar on deviantART.this would be a pretty tat

Klamath, California

I Love The Colour Of This Photograph! A Tree Growing On A Tree, It Is Truly a Wonder Tree, It Must Be Gigantic! The Wonder Tree, Klamath, California photo via rabbitpit

Clover growing on an Oak tree in Scotland ~

clover growing on a mossy oak tree branch in Scotland

Junk in the trunk....hahahaha.

MIND YOUR BUTT!Tree butt, well just had to post this one! lol the butt and the thighs too funny! with dimples