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chaturanga dandasana. I love this picture because it shows the pose done correctly. No leg lifted, no butt sticking up, and forearms parallel to the body. Perfect.

lululemon bottles. LOVE it! My whole motto of why I workout is because I reallllly like eating!!

Use a yoga block to ease into full Chaturanga Dandasana. I'm glad I found this!!

Plank and Chaturanga - I need to work on my arm strength so I can hold myself this low coming through chaturanga

It's hard out here for a T-Rex

Magic Carpet Yoga Mat. I've GOT to get one of these! Oh my gosh they're perfect!

I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out...but I finally did then laughed. MKB I laughed entirely too loud at this.

I love Chaturanga. It makes me feel strong physically and mentally. I went from dreading it to loving it over a period of months. Now I crave it.