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I'm SOOOO getting this tat!♡ It will continue up around my ankle with my boy's name and lily n there favorite color between each. This is my way of keeping my boy's all around me!!!

This is very pretty . Most heart tattoos arnt very nice but this has nice lines and colour

Not quite sure what kind of animal it is, could be a fox or a wolf but it sure is a nice tattoo.

Beautiful Tattoo #2 by workmana10, via Flickr

I'm not really a fan of tats, but this looks sexy and has meaning, which are two things I don't normally say about tats. :)

i've often thought of getting a tattoo like this. i love the idea of having to lay down or tilt your head. work for it.

Stunning!! Andrea / FICTILIS / FICTILIS Buchanan i like this idea for my pink ribbon tattoo but with a different word. what do you think