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  • Gabriela B

    swimming pool made to look like a river with a treehouse and swing, talk about ultimate dream house

  • Kimberly Caldwell

    Swimming pool made to look like a river ~ pretty sure I've pinned this one before but its what started me looking into pool ponds :o) I love the natural pool 'look' although I don't want plants in the water :o/ The tree house, the swing ~ this photo started me thinking & planning one that had all the elements that fit ME.....

  • Emily Hosler

    Swimming pool made to look like a pond complete with tree house and swing!!! This is awesome.

  • Bronte Marquardt

    swimming pool made to look like a pond. I love this idea. complete with treehouse and swing!

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LOVE the trees in this & the walls behind (obviously not the roof of pool house or anything)

Oh, I didn't tell you? This is my future backyard.

I want a big pool and hot tub like this too :) One preferably with a secret tunnel and cave. This is awesome!

Amazing Swimming Pools - a bit much for a backyard swimming pool, but could inspire unique designs for the back yard!

way cool pool. I love how it is both kinda indoors and out. Handy for people who dont like swimming in the rain. (unlike me :D )

Beautiful pool. #luxuryhomes. www.findinghomesi.... Keller Williams Real Estate, Las Vegas, NV.

Hide-away swimming pool. Not that I'll ever sell my soul enough times to actually be able to afford it! lol