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    Cobaltoan Calcite

    Hemimorphite plate with intersecting white tendrils | China #minerals

    Gibbsite from Hunan Province, China

    Atacamite with Gypsum

    Veszelyite on Cerussite, Montana


    orange scolecite

    Chrysocolle Malachite Quartz - Perou

    Charoite - Russia

    fluorite point



    Chrome Euclase from Muzo Emerald mine in Columbia

    Epidote Crystals

    Rhodochrosite is a stone of love and balance, which can assist one in attaining an ecstatic state and connection with ones twin soul during meditation. Wearing the stone is said to bring the vibration of joy into ones daily life. It energizes and purifies the base, sacral and heart chakras. healing-stones

    Heulandite with Celadonite inclusions

    Mangano Calcite (Pagoda form) Manoshan, Chenzoh area, Hunan, China

    According to Roman legend, Bacchus, the god of wine, had been insulted by a mortal, and vowed that he would unleash his sacred tigers on the next mortal he passed. That mortal was a maiden named Amethysta. In order to protect her from Bacchus’ tigers, the goddess Diana turned her into a quartz statue. Upon seeing this, Bacchus was so remorseful that he wept tears of wine over the maiden. The grapes from the wine turned the statue of Amethysta purple. And thus was amethyst born.


    citrine how beautiful

    Dragon Blood Jasper Crystal Ball


    Malachite tubes with Azurite interiors after Selenite