Blackrock Castle on the banks of the river. Cork city, Ireland.

Cork, Ireland - Blackrock Castle by JoeM88,

Egeskov Castle, Funen, Denmark

Castle Tower Home, Scotland

Ashford Castle, Ireland

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Church in Cork City, Ireland

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Blackrock Castle, Ireland. Formerly known as Mahon Castle, Blackrock Castle, is a 16th-century castle situated in Cork city. It was built after the citizens of Cork appealed to queen Elizbeth I to construct a fort to repel pirates from carrying off vessels entering the harbour. Blackrock Castle has been owned by the city of Cork following a charter by James I to the City in 1608. Wikipedia

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Blarney Castle, near Cork, Ireland

Blackrock Castle formerly Mahon Castle, is a 16th century castle located in Cork city, Ireland


Cork , Ireland

Blarney Castle, Cork, Ireland