Jemma Salume - Kachina doll illustrations

Kachinas = still great. These are inspired by Tootsa Kachinas, they are hummingbird dudes and they are all about flowers and even more about flowers tha.


you're aaaalmoooost theeeeeere pinocchio

Color Witch by Vestergaard on deviantART

Character design attempt for a future comic project. Also an experiment to try to figure out the real practical difference between hue and value.

GUNDAM GUY: Gundam LEGO: Amazing Gundam Re-Creations!

Gundam LEGO: Amazing Gundam Re-Creations! Check out these and other builds by Ryan .

☆ Egypte Smoking :¦: By Artist Thomas Saliot ☆

Egypte smoking

Found that oldie, I still like it ! It’s Henri, my robot.

Henriiiii by Clo