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The GOP decides accurate weather forecasting and hurricane tracking are luxuries America can't afford | ThinkProgress

Honey, can you pick up Pizza? I've been busy pinning nutritious recipes for our family all day.

Does anyone else feel this way??

I'll have you know I went into Target looking for two things, and I only came out with eleven.

No matter how much you shop, after you wear a new outfit a few times your closet magically makes clothes old and not wearable...who in the fashion business put that idea in our heads? And why dont we just out naked. It wont cost anything and every man will notice you and every bitch will be hatin.

It is better to have REPINNED AND FORGOTTON than to never have pinned at all. #Pinterest

If you can't see the front of your bikini bottoms you should probably wear a one piece.. You're welcome.

Martha Stewart would choke on her craft supplies if she saw how I wad up a fitted sheet

Emily Niess Saturday mornings? This may be what Kevin was referring to? LOL.

You know your getting old when the joy of having nothing to do outweighs the joy of doing anything.