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  • Tara Rebuck

    omg so funny Every Phone should have this. Drunk mode.

  • Courtney Anderson

    lol I don't drink but pretty funny haha........... Every Phone should have this.... drunk text protector! haha

  • Camille Coulter

    Drunk Mode. this is a necessity - this made me laugh!!!

  • Kriti Kumari

    Every Phone should have this.... Okay this is funny. #iphone #drunkmode

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I would laugh so hard if I got this

this makes me die laughing. definitely my baby sister

1st World Problems... hahahaha, I've actually thought at least 3 of these things this week.

I should start posting the convos with MY parents. Cuz I could def top some of these...

I need to remember this next time hahah.

I love the one about offspring- A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

Oh man with the friend I would've been like, you gotta be careful, you never know what you might catch!

I would do this...I am always leaving stuff on the back burner which gets hot if the oven is on. I left the diaper bag, milk, etc...i generally catch it before its too bad though haha.

How old fashioned am I for wanting to ask the parents of my first girlfriend permission to date their daughter?

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Idk why but this it's the funniest thing