Blue Ameraucana

Sebright Bantams

Blue Orpington Chicken

Plymouth Rock chicken breed-- so pretty! One day I would love to keep hens

Swedish flower Hen lays pink eggs

Great website with pictures of the types of eggs produced by a wide variety of chicken breeds.

Cold weather chickens-8 things NOT to do in winter.

White silkies

Blue Ameraucana from My Pet Chicken


Welsummer, when I'm ready for more chickens I need to remember this chocolate egg breed. They are described as intelligent and friendly with dark brown speckled eggs.

Blue Ameraucana

Blue - Golden Laced Wyandotte

Bantam Easter Egger - chicken hybrids that carry the blue-egg gene of the true Araucana breed. Friendly and great layer. Does well in heat and cold.

Gorgeous mother hen (with chicks)

Speckled sussex- a wonderful dual-purpose chicken.

Lavender Orpington hen and rooster. Such beauties!

Olive-Egger WOW all about them!