Blue Ameraucana

Blue Orpington Chicken

Sebright Bantams

Backyard chicken basics. They’re less work than pets and more fun than an Xbox. Plus, they provide delicious, nutritious eggs.From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

Blue laced red wyndotte hen

The Ayam Cemani breed of chicken. The tongue and inside of its mouth are black, along with its skin and feathers. Gorgeous birds that run about $2500 bucks apiece. Earlier this year (2013) eight hatching eggs sold on Ebay for close to $1400.

Urban Uses: Rhode Island Reds are excellent layers, producing five eggs per week. They are also known for their meat and are hardy enough for cold climates.

Swedish Flower Hen

Egg colors + breeds

Coronation Sussex Chickens

Barnvelder - very pretty hens with chocolate colored eggs

Chicken Breeds - Australorp

Wow! Lavender Ameraucana chickens

The Sussex breed is magnificent as egg layers, able to keep egg production high even through the winter months. They also have quite a following as show birds because of theri easy-going temperament.

Ohh pretty hens-BLR Wyandotte - Foley's Waterfowl & Poultry-lots of great chicken breeding info

Blue - Golden Laced Wyandotte

Welsummers are famous for their large, dark, terracotta-brown eggs. They have a wonderful disposition.

Plymouth Rock chicken breed-- so pretty! One day I would love to keep hens

Ameraucanas are a family-friendly breed and very sweet. They lay blue, green, and pink eggs.

★★★Araucana, Ameraucana or Easter Egger (Olive Egger,Rainbow Layer) Chickens: What's the difference?

GORGEOUS feather patterns on the Barnevelder. These chickens lay dark reddish brown eggs.