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7 signs of the Narcissist Hypocrite and the people they prey on. -you get duped into thinking you are overreacting or that you are the one causing the problems - this is classic narcissistic abuse. This is exactly the way the abuser wants you to feel.

Atleast be the architect of your own life....

Did you know that narcissist spelled backwards is asshole? Hey, if they can make shit up, so can we. - funny humor ex

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There really are dangerous people like this. They will attempt to destroy you, then pretended to pick up the pieces - acting lik the "savior". These people want you to remain a slave to their control. Remember who your Savior really is!

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I know some people like this; they're sorry for leaving me out of a group night out, but the kept doing it.......I have the message loud and clear!

Rebel Circus: If your words say one thing, and your actions another, you're an asshole.

Annnnd it’s not so nice when you have to get rid of them

25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist Its so nice when toxic people stop talking to you. Its like the trash took itself out.

Yes... Silly me! Wake up before they are gone. Understand yourself in order to understand another. Dre

Sickening hypocrites who say all kinds of negative things about you, but get mad if you say anything about them and deny all their rotten behavior True 😊

Horrid little witch burned me, but she forgot that I'm a mermaid and you can't destroy me with fire.

I once loved one and thought one loved me, but now my eyes are open and it's clear that monster never did, and knowing their true colors I am fine with that.

The sociopath

GPS-Grace Power Strength: What Does A Sociopath Fear? 2 Things Narcissistic abuse hurts we can heal loves this Pin Thanks Abuse

A help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors

Moving On Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description A help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !

Yeah ... there is a reason you have never seen a pile of shit on a pedestal.

What a fool I was lying and defending her when everyone was telling me the TRUTH! Liar, whore and user.BUT I forgive myself. I didn't know any better at the time. Just like everyone else did long ago.


I live my life by this I completely cut people out if they hurt me enough. Some people judge me harshly because they think that I'm to harsh. But the truth is I cut people out because I find that this is the only way to continue with my life.