maybe a hobbit lives inside

Banyan Tree and Century Terracotta Temple, Attpur, West Bengal, India a door to an unknown place

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Thailand is now on my bucketlist cause i wanna stay in one of these things! The Den Sleep-Over Pod, Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand (by wandermelon).

natural playscapes | Nest treehouse!! | natural playscapes

Kids Garden - Bird's Nest Tree House (Reminds me of Peter Pan--fun! :D )

`Reminds me of the trees I used to draw for you guys on the back of the pantry door on Baseline Rd.

Run your cursor over this one! Moon shinning in night sky, behind the tree.but look there is a window with light on, so wonder if someone is at home? Love this night scene!

I want to leave here with Mr. Owl and have tea and honey with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

Awesome Tree House, Very Hobbit Like! Tree House, Novosibirsk, Russia photo via wordup

Tree house?

Prasat Pram, Koh Ker, Angkorian site in northern Cambodia Trees

like the park in Chateaubriand... ... behind  Stefan's first house... ...

Covão da Ametade, Serra da Estrela, Portugal by Pedro Santos, via Reflections can often display much more than twice the existing beauty of nature, as in this shot!

Love it!

Treehouse Trove

A tree house. A free house. A secret you and me house. A high up in the leafy branches cozy as can be house. A street house. A neat house. A be sure and wipe your feet house, is not my kind of house at all, Lets go live in a tree house!

Oh my god! I couldn't stand living up there! Plus I would probably end up falling out, soo yeah, all around bad idea for me. DON'T LIVE HEAR IN THE FUTURE ME.

The Korowai Tribe's Incredible Tree Houses. Daily Mail, Feb 2015 - The mysterious Korowai tribe of south eastern Papua, Indonesian New Guinea, live in incredible treehouses above the canopy.

14 Treehouses for The Modern-Day 'Swiss Family Robinson'

14 Treehouses for The Modern-Day 'Swiss Family Robinson'

Unusual Homes: Britains Blue Forest builds gorgeous treehouses for play, shelter and gardens, using sustainably sourced wood, traditional water-reed thatch roofs and hand-split shingles. sustainable-homes

Fairy door. I love the moss. Could be achieved with that recipe for spray on moss mixture as in the "moss grafitti" links I've seen.

Doors in trees. apparently I have a thing for doors in trees.