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African Oddities - the Bichirs and Reedfish

Reedfish (Erpetoichthys calabaricus) has a maximum total length of 37 cm (14.5 in). It lives in slow-moving, brackish or fresh, warm (22-28°C) water, and it can breathe atmospheric air (meaning it is able to survive in water with low dissolved oxygen content)

Name: Calico Telescope-eye Ranchu Lot# 20 Description: Extremely rare fish in high quality and beautiful color. ONLY one of these hard to find tele ranchu available. Don't miss out on this rare fish. Length: 5

Sheila's first day of class was a rough one. Torey left the classroom for her lunch break like normal. During this time other teachers or aids would keep an eye on her room. Sheila showed her violence by stabbing the pet goldfish in the classroom eyeballs out. I could not believe how angry one child could get. It showed me what I could be faced with in my future as a teacher and that it will be important for me to stay calm and know what to do when a situation like this occurs.