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    Sterba Cory

    Someone's gorgeous betta.

    Grown in


    One of the best guide's I've seen for aquarium lighting.



    Goldfish (ping pong variety).

    Purple betta

    golden ram cichlid

    That is a great looking piece of wood.

    Great design

    Giant betta.

    Tetra set up.

    "I put the DHG in the back a little glosso, dwarf hydrocotyle, HM, and a stem of a local PA plant which is really similar to eltaine triada(sp?)"

    "Many thanks for your comments. The moss is Weeping moss. I found it slower growing and better sticking to wood than Christmass in my tank, so removed all the Christmass. Hair grass on the left is riccia carpet, on the right Glosso doing fine in extreme low light. I'll try to post closeups of Anubia leafs. No spots at all after 7 months of immersion. They were never trimmed."

    Pretty awesome aquarium. I am a fan of bettas.

    Saw this betta picture on pinterest today. I love its coloration.

    Bacopa monniera

    Bacopa monnerii.

    B. splendens

    2.5 gallon natural planted betta tank.

    How not to do it: this might be the worst, ugliest aquarium I've ever seen in my entire life. There's no cover, and no nature. The owner has mixed wildly inappropriate fish, like goldfish and angelfish, and dwarf gouramis. This tank is my nightmare.

    55 gallon Walstad tank. I like the idea of simply staggering small, medium and large plants.