Make origami bows from magazine pages. This would be perfect to put on top of a present.

DIY Easy Origami Bow DIY Easy Origami Bow

cute origami bow

A little fiddly but worth the effort for something different to put on your card. Works best with a double sided DP that isn't too thick.

Origami - How to make a paper Bow/Ribbon

Book Markers - lovely paper flowers, beads and cord

DIY Paper flowers

How to tie the perfect bow.

origami type bows. wish i knew how to make these!

paper bow

Origami card holder: Very easy tutorial. Perfect way to present a gift card!

How kids (and adults) can make simple and easy origami paper folded hearts in just 11 steps

I may never buy bows again. How to make them out of a page of a magazine, or any colorful paper

going to make a lotus flower! (I shall translate soon tehehe ^_^) this is just AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Oh my!

gift bows from magazine pages

Origami Butterfly

Paper dress tutorial- I have always wanted to know how to make these!


Origami stars