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'It had to be you! Unforgettable that's what you are, though near are far, like a song of love that clings to me, never before has someone been more unforgettable in every way...' Nat

A baby pig would be such a fun pet!

Pigs look you in the eye,they are clean and intelligent, I wasn't a great pig farmer- they were too cute!

Piggies! (KO) Hey guys, isn't that our farmer coming this way? And he's bringing our breakfast? Charge!

C o u n t r y life is the best life {How precious are moments like this on a farm}!

omg omg omg! here to find out more

A 6-week-old Visayan warty pig stands atop of an adult at the San Diego Zoo, California. This piglet is critically endangered and is found only on two islands in the Philippines. The Zoo has been successful at reproducing this species. (Photo by Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo)

:D Alice Burba (someone tagged me in this, who???) so adorable and would be a good substitute for a that dog that I want.