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  • Johanna Jing

    one direction. larry stylinson.

  • Jillian Horan

    Haha! Louis! I obviously don't ship Larry but this was too cute to pass up. Also it was such a long time ago it would be a shame if I didn't pin it

  • Harryinfauation

    cute #larry #larrystylinson

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Am I the only one that thinks Louis looks EXTREMELY attractive with his hair like that?!

Harry and Louis with a star guest appearance *drum roll* Louis' ass!

harry zayn and louis are just having a conversation around him and niall is just staring at him in amazment :) how cute

#3yearsgolouismetharry awwwwww!!!!!:,)<<< HARRY'S HAIR IN THE FIRST ONE! LAUGHING! I knew it was curly but like I never knew about this picture

harry and louis<<< they both really need haircuts lol

Louis and Harry THIS PIC gets me every time

Harry is crying, and lou has no shoes? What is going on here?

Oh my goodness!!!!! My new favorite picture!!!!

Louis and a fan. I love how he has a Harry shirt on! hahaha

I can't decide if I like Harry or Niall's shirt better...