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  • Judy Sibley Richlin

    Clear-Skin Secrets - DIY Cleansing Wipes:: A Bottle of Witch Hazel and A Pack of Alcohol-free Baby Wipes (w/aloe preferably). Pour witch hazel into pack of wipes until soaked through. Before any physical activity, wipe face well with a saturated wipe. Then, wipe again afterward to get any dust and dirt out of the pores (do this before cool-down while pores are open). An inexpensive way to keep your face clear and glowing!

  • Diamond Hills Spa

    DIY Cleansing Wipes - Clear Skin Secrets from professionals!

  • Teresa Lutz

    Post Workout Clean Skin Wipes: these are great for freshening up when you can't shower post workout. add a bottle of witch hazel to a package of non-alcohol baby wipes. Allow witch hazel to absorb into wipes before using

  • BridgetSoup

    DIY facial cleansing wipes with witch hazel.

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