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Adorable Animal Crossing art

I love these cuuute Animal Crossing characters c:

Easy Money! Animal Crossing webcomic by Omocat (

Animal Crossing this is what I imagined when ever furniture fell out of trees xD

You would not believe how many times a day this happens to me.

Lol <<<<<----- want something? Send letters and watch your mail as you get back something you don't want

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Adventures

Welcome to Gracie Grace Crossing! Here you will find updates from the Animal Crossing: New Leaf town of Lostlorn, run by Mayor Harry.

sometimes it’s a bad idea to join in on townsfolk conversations

sometimes it’s a bad idea to join in on townsfolk conversations (obviously the unicorns hair)

Mayor from AC:NL by on @deviantART

Been playing with AC:NL about 6 months or so. It just never get bored Mayor from AC:NL

SO MUCH have to pay attention to the shadows in the first frame to understand why. :] :]

I can't explain how much this game. Meant to me when I was a kid I had no friends and my parents always fought this game literally was my family and I thank the makers of it.

Animal Crosing

artricahearts: “ Some of my favourite characters! I have Benjamin, Kitty and Julian in my town so far.

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Oh dear gawd, that milk will forever remain a suspicion to me LOL