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  • Karen Hayes

    Steampunk PC Case. love it

  • Somu Ee

    Maxed-Out Steampunk Pc Being Given Away to Promote Damnation Video Game

  • Jade Gamester

    Steampunk Design Tips | Steampunk Design

  • Sandi Seippel

    Love this centrepiece, perfect for a wedding or baby shower, a summer dinner party, or even a wedding steampunk

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looks like it kinda hurts but wow! very extreme steampunk look

"Biggest city in the world, you're gonna dig up some hellish shit if you go looking." -Peyton 'Pepper'

Love Datamancer's work It is a full PC suite including keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, PC, LCD, speakers, table, and even a matching chair.

Steampunk clock - in Caleb's words "Awww, that is the best clock ever!!" Now we need to start collecting cogs and things.

Tornado 3.0 Kinetic Sculpture vortex generator #steampunk £20,773.07

steampunk Mask, by TheDarkPower. No one knew which queen ruled. When she was in public, the mask was in place, concealing any discerning features. The sisters were the same build and size, or so the people assumed. It had been a condition of their uneasy truce against their brothers and the only way to ensure neither was usurped.

Gaslight Gathering 3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Found via Propnomicon (propnomicon.blogs...)

I like the steampunk looks which assume the world is so polluted you need gas masks incorporated into your gear.

Major Catastrophe a.k.a. Shannon O’Hare aboard Kristie's Flyer, a three-wheeled steam carriage

MechOwlie - Fully Customizable - Freestanding Industrial Steampunk Owl Sculpture...For Cheryl Rayner