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65 Preciosa Pip Matte Silk Olive Beads (29564)

Used as drops, flower petals or just adding flare to a project, Preciosa Pip Beads flat symmetrical shape bring a new dimension to designs. As with all Preciosa

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20 Must Save Gardening Tips

These are 20 clever must save gardening tips & hacks to use in the garden. How to Grow Superb Summer Squash Diapers Retain Moisture Keep Plants Watered for Days with Nothing But Paper Towels line all the pots with coffee filters Make eggshell seedling pots to sprout your ...

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Backyard Hacks - Page 2 of 2

From" OMG yes !!!" - Decor Ideas. Ah Candlesticks: The chameleons of the decorating world. Thanks Cassie for clarifying what the base is.

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What to Put on the Ground in a Dog Run

What to Put on the Ground in a Dog Run | Pea Gravel or crushed granite | Note: when I personally think about pea gravel I actually mean larger smoothed gravel, not the pea gravel you can buy at hardware stores. That stuff is a bit too small for large dogs and easily gets stuck between pads and some of the stone shards can be quite sharp.