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True, all true, and I regret nothing! I could add a few more: not sitting on a blanket pile without checking first; buying raincoats for pottys when it rains; bike trailers for bike rides; hunting rabbits and squirrels in the park; waking up early with ear flaps and cold nose saying "gotta pee!"

38 Brillant Dog Care Ideas to Make Your Life easier! On a hot summer day fill u an inflatable pool with water and ice!

DIY Dog coat, diy dog clothes...I hope this pattern doesn't really cover up it's butthole. That's gonna cause some issues.

Provide outdoor pets with plenty of fresh water.

DIY Backyard Organic Waste Digester...Good way to rid the yard of dog waste.

hmm, this looks like a lot of work, but would it be worth it so Bailey could pee on my moms patio? the things i do for that dog...DIY Dog Potty for your patio

dog potty area

3. Make the best playground! It’s not hard to tell that your best friend has a never ending supply of energy and loves playing with you, your friends, guests, and anyone who will give them the time of day. To help curve your buddies unlimited energy-supply, it’s wise to incorporate a playground area for your dog. We’re not talking about a jungle gym with slides and a sandbox, rather something more ‘doggie appropriate.’ Enters the imagination.

backyard dog playground

How to Build an Outdoor Dog Potty Area. This is such a great idea... I really want to figure out a spot for this!

Would make a great play area

Outdoor Dog Kennels | Outdoor Wooden Backyard Pet Kennel Runs

If I won the lottery, this would be in my backyard...neighborhood dog parties y'all!

Patio stones around the edge of the fence makes it hard to dig under. Great idea for the outside of chicken coops and garden fencing too. Would also keep weeds from growing up into the fence.

Backyard dog house area made of pallets

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Dog Potty patio

Dog play ground equipment. My dogs need this in the backyard! here to find out more

-Repinned- Very cute. Boarding/playing area for small dogs.