Egyptian Mau Cat. Coat is lovely its like a snow leopard beautiful and elegant.

Wildtrax Silver Egyptian Mau Kitten

Siberian cat.. ever want a hypoallergenic cat? Well here ya go.. the largest of the Domestic breeds, can top the scales at 20lbs

Egyptian Mau is as old as Egyptian History and perfectly reflects the Egyptian beauty as well.The cat originated thousands of years ago carries an important position among the hearts of cat owners and one of the biggest reason is them being so affectionate and loving. Egyptian Maus are ranked as NO.1 in being affectionate.These cats are intelligent,alert and active.They can be trained easily and make good loyal fmily companions.

bengal beauty. This cat has been on my wish list for years <3 why do they have to be so darn expensive??!!

Such exquisite coloring

Persian Cat

Ok I need this!!!

Cute cats 44 - Click on the picture for more cute cats and pets info and pictures. #CuteCats "Boo!"

"Acrobat, diplomat and simple Tabby cat. He conjures tangled forests in a furnished flat." --Michael Hamburger

Teacup Munchkin cat | ... kittens egyptian mau kittens exotic shorthair kittens munchkin kittens

Egyptian Mau.

the eyes have it

Egyptian Mau

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Ocelot #cat #mouse #bestfriend #bff #ocelot

Egyptian Mau

Momma and her kitten.

I can't even handle how cute this is

Bengal Cat