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10 Best #Chandler Lines of All Time #friends

The Other Austen



Remember that one time?


Oh chuck

time to pin about gossip girl to warm my heart

Hot adj. very sexy; very attractive in a sensual way; Chuck Bass

Serena (Blake Lively) Gossip Girl. LOVE HER

The Great Gatsby.

Hahaha Leonardo DiCaprio so deserves an Oscar... but this is really funny xD

Blake Lively in Gucci at the one-year anniversary of Sound of Change Live. See more on

A best friend won't agree with you to make you happy. If anything, they'll say what needs to be said, no matter if you want to hear it or not.

I will burn the heart out of you!!

Pride and Prejudice humor

Torturing me with potato products

Keira Knightley, Cannes.

I'm obviously Sherlock in this picture and you would be John.

Best monologue ever written--The Holiday

You're my favorite minion

I'm sure I've said this to you and this was your exact response.

Aaah! I'm so much like Sherlock and you're my John. Except you're the tall one.

We do both