The Angelus, sung by the Daughters of Mary in Latin

Understanding the Eucharist by Scott Hahn

The 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart - A Catholic Company blog post

Prayer of purification and protection

St. Bernadette, Catholic saint

Free Catholic Holy Cards - Catholic Prayer Cards - St Therese of Lisieux - St. Joseph - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Sacred Heart of Jesus - John Paul the Great - Support Missionary work

Catholic, "ALL OR NOTHING" - This is amazing!

Litany of the Saints (I can listen to this Chant all day! It's so beautiful!)

traditional Catholic prayers in Latin (click through). This is the "Hail Mary"

Daughter of the King. I am loved by God. And nothing can takes this away from me. ~Isabel~

From blog about the bells of the Angelus ... Beautiful story.

catholic home altar ideas

Catholic Devotions by Month

Pray for Your Children from Head to Toe | free printable from Loving Life at Home

We are at war for our souls, whether we want to admit it or not. *Being* Catholic-- becoming whom God meant you to be, and not just "doing Catholic things"-- is learning to fight with the best weapons available. Confession, Mass, Adoration, Rosary, Prayer, Fasting, Mary, Saints, Holy Souls-- these are the weapons that enable us to be the people God means us to be and calls us to be.

Which is the true Church of Jesus Christ? Scriptural support

Perfect Love (Mary's Song) with lyrics

St. Teresa of Avila—Spanish Mystic, Catholic Saint, Carmelite Nun

Mary, our Mother, sustain us in moments of darkness, difficulty, and apparent defeat. ---Pope Francis


Jesus said we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and Follow Him...but HE also said His Burden is Light. So, We pray for The Graces at The Hand of Mary.