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Rising Shadows trilogy. Enter to win the Grand Prize by pinning about the series. Tag @TownsendTales & use or Each image earns 1 entry. books Details at Now-Oct 2015 . Running into the mist and feeling cool comfort. Trusting the three feet you can see.

These are the top 6 “weight loss tips and tricks” we’re subjected to every day. We’re bombarded with buzz words and taught how to lose weight by media moguls who know less about weight loss than you!

The emptiness of the room was closing in on her. The only remnants of her old life were in bits and pieces across the room. Her old teddy bear. A blanket. Maybe the emptiness was a good thing, she just wasn't sure how she could fill it.

"Where... where are we?" I force out through parched lips. But no one answers. I crack my eyes open a bit farther and struggle to my feet. Derek is no where to be seen. I'm in a small cell, alone, half-clothed, and covered in blood. I don't like this.