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Trim Painting Tips For Smooth and Perfect Results

how to repaint chipped, flaking or dirty moldings so they look like new... the secrets of a professional-looking job

How to Cope Joints

the secret for a glove-tight fit for trim corners is a coped joint. with this technique you can even make complex crown moldings fit without leaving gaps. because inside corners are rarely square, simply butting two mitered pieces into the corner almost always looks lousy. the only foolproof method for great-looking inside corners is cutting a coped joint. this age-old carpenter

Trim Painting Tips For Smooth and Perfect Results

Spot-Prime to Avoid Blotches - Brush a stain-sealing primer (B-I-N is one brand of shellac-based primer) over the areas that you've patched or filled, and over areas where you've sanded down to bare wood. If you have a lot of patches and bare spots, it'll be faster and easier to just prime the entire surface. Also seal discolored areas or marks left by crayons, pens or markers to prevent them from bleeding through the finish coat of paint.

How to Paint Baseboards On Carpet

How to paint perfect baseboards next to carpet. Get a roll of packing tape, and roll out a foot or two touching the carpet and going up a little over an inch of the baseboard. Then take a smaller putty knife and push the top of the tape down between the baseboard and the carpet, continue working my way across the whole area to be painted.

Ways to Clean Dried Paint From a Paint Brush

Ways to Clean Dried Paint From a Paint Brush: It is best to clean your brushes before the paint dries, of course, but if your brushes have dried paint on them, you can still salvage them and put them to good use again.