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▶ "100 Basic Signs" (American Sign Language) ( -American Sign Language University is a sign language resource site for ASL students and teachers. Here you will find information and resources to help you learn ASL and improve your signing.

Pledge of Allegiance in Sign Language. I teach my Kinders sign language and their parents love it. Charlotte's Clips

How do you sign "new" words? The Deaf community works as a network, collectively brainstorming new sign language terms over the web, until dominant signs emerge.

(American Sign Language) Just the way you are - Bruno Mars. This guy does a beautiful job of signing!! I've never seen him before. I'll have to look up more of his ASL videos. His name is Jason Listman and he is a Deaf professor.

Kids love to sign. Here's a video so that you can learn to sign Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in ASL.

The Wonder of Techfrom The Wonder of Tech

Marlee Signs – Learn Sign Language from an App!

Marlee Signs - Learn Sign Language from an App. Good place to start learning again and revive my memory!

Learn how to describe objects using classifiers in American Sign Language (ASL). A variety of DCLs (Descriptive Classifiers) are shown in this video. Facial ...

ASL - first hundred signs. GREAT website to learn to sign and to help teach baby to sign. Trying to teach her ASL and not baby signs. (this is "Mom")