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The "peacock plant," a type of calathea which is native to Brazil, it grows in rainforests - the top is green and white, and the bottom is red. >>A plant that looks like a textile!

Gunnera tinctora leaf. Philip Newton, photographer.

"I just bought this begonia!" - it's just one leaf, in one garden, in one world, in one solor system, in one galaxy, in one cluster of galaxies, in one small corner of the universe... and the wonders & beauty keeps on coming; just stop, look, and ponder ~:^)>

Botanicals: The taste of Petrol and Porcelain | Interior design, Vintage Sets and Unique Pieces www.petrolandporc... Begonias4ever.

flowerfood: Rex begonia, I believe.

Marketing as a growth driver instead of a service provider. Within corporations, the marketing function exists somewhere along this spectrum. One of the key objectives for agencies in the 21 century is to do more MAGIC not just LOGIC. Magic is the high-value ideation, insights, and problem solving. It includes helping organizations think though all the dimensions of marketing – from the way the product is named and distributed to how customer service is delivered.

Hosta Ripple | Flickr - by Janet Little