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Vintage ads promoting benefits of weight gain for women

Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed. bkuschova Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed. Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed.

Art Symphony: Social media in vintage posters...

Sao Paulo ad agency Moma Propaganda created a stunning series of posters using retro illustrations to promote social media services as part of the project “Everything Ages Fast.

Ladies, You're Making Me Thirsty. 10 Sexy Beer Ads

Ladies, You're Making Me Thirsty. 10 Sexy Beer Ads.

This is why Mike drinks Foster's. Big boobs keep beer cold, according to this Foster's ad that reads, "Well. You wouldn't want a warm beer, would you?


Prohibition: Women like this would come together because they were against alcohol and drinking. They would make up mottos like "Lips that touch liquor shall not touch ours", stating that they will have no interest in anybody who drinks.

Mini skirts forever

September Girls from the British Society for the Protection of Mini Skirts stage a protest outside the House of Dior, for its 'unfair' treatment of miniskirts. [Miniskirt styles of the and

Feels - Win Picture | Webfail - Fail Pictures and Fail Videos.  Cute.  Old picture.

Feels - Win Picture

Funny pictures about Victorian photo booth. Oh, and cool pics about Victorian photo booth. Also, Victorian photo booth photos.

20 Fotos que muestran por lo que ha pasado el mundo a través de la historia

20 Fotos que muestran por lo que ha pasado el mundo a través de la historia

JANELLE & CONTESTS: Pin-up Pageant < Spaghetti Eating Contest < Pin-up Spaghetti Eating Contest. Have the coolest zombie idea for this picture.

Wow that must have taken a lot of guts

In two women wore shorts out in public for the first time. They drew a huge amount of male attention and caused a car accident.>>> In a man caused a car crash oggling a pair of women with shorts on

Thank God for the feminest revolution of the '70s. "You have no right to question him." "His topics of conversation are more important than yours." How sexist and this had to have been written by a man or a woman who was brain-washed by a man.

From a home economics textbook intended for high school girls, teaching them how to prepare for married life. A few ones that stuck out to me: "You have no right to question him." "A good wife always knows her place.

Worcester Lawn Mower Ad 1952 by hmdavid, via Flickr

is mowing the lawn while her man drinks a beer and relaxes in his hammock. Oh The Good Ol' Sexist Ads!

Same height. Same build. Something to aim for. Nice to have the measurements! :) Also, Marilyn was *not* a size 14 as people claim. She may have been a size 12/14 in that era's clothing, but today, she'd wear a size 2 or 4 at The Gap (per Gap size charts).

She was a woman with real sizes…

Hourglass figure: bust and hip measurements are the same (or very close) with the waist measurement being at least 10 inches smaller.

Guinness PinUp Girl Two Things Man Cant Resist

Guinness vintage poster --- "There are only two things a man can't resist . a pint of Guinness and another pint !" --- (Shows red haired pin-up girl sitting on top of the froth of a pint of Guinness).