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Lots of little girl hairdos! My daughter and I love to find new things to do with her hair.

Half French Braid into a Fishbone Braid

Hmmm, too bad I'm not good at doing my own hair or I could do this for a wedding this summer.

simple- so many hair styles and they look easy enough to do in less than 10 minutes!

voorkant van het haar vlechten. onderste deel van het haar verdelen in twee plukken en deze, met de vlecht als derde pluk, vlechten.

I used to do this to mine & my friends hair all the time in middle / highschool - but I did it as a French braid!

1. Start with wavy hair. If your hair is naturally straight, curl some sections to give it texture. 2. Separate the hair on the left & right sides of your head. Using your part as a guide, continue the part down the middle of the back of your head. To maintain the effortless, imperfect look, use your fingers instead of a comb. Tie one section with a ha...

Rubber Band Wraps & Flipped Braids Cute Baby Hair Styles