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daria characters

Daria-I used to love this MTV cartoon when I was in high school

PRESS YOUR LUCK - Driving legions of game show fans insane since 1983 ...

No Whammie.No Whammie.No Whammie. I loved this game show; I think it bordered on "addiction".

.Supermarket Sweep - just one of the coolest game shows ever! I wanted to be on this and Shop Till You Drop soooooo bad

Super Market Sweep, another great game show that I wanted to be on!

The Munsters!

NBC Orders ‘The Munsters’ Reboot to Pilot

The Munsters - loved this show! They lived on Mockingbird Lane.

Land of the Lost

I had a friend in high school we called Chaka; he looked exactly like him. Land of the Lost: Complete Series (Limited Edition Gift Set) DVD ~

The Newlywed Game 1970's TV Show..... Where the term "Make Whoopie" became the norm for "Have Sex"!

The Newlywed Game -Bob Eubanks - host - Before "reality shows," I think was Bob was the first host of the "Newlywed Game" which provided family entertainment for many in the with various hosts. Dumb answers to dumb questions, but it had it's moments.

Favorito de mi papá

Was one of my favorite things to do! I still buy them, just for charity drives now. --Pia (Old, Classic Games and Vintage Retro Toys) from the and fun fun fun!

I loved these things. The Raspberry was the best, I wish they would bring them back

Original New York Seltzer. early Line of non-caffeinated soda marketed as all natural. I bet you think it was started in New York? Try Walnut, CA. loved the cream soda one from her a deli!

Press Your Luck (1983-1986) was a frenetic game played around a flashing board. Peter Tomarken hosted the hugely popular show. Contestants answered trivia questions to earn spins on the board. Spins caused the board squares to flash and the pieces to interchange, so players couldn’t really judge when to halt the spin. Halting your spin on a Whammy would cause a cheeky animated imp to breakdance across the screen and steal all your accumulated money. Of course, what all the players REALLY…

In Press Your Luck history was made when two excitable contestants, Cathy and Lori, engaged in a "Spin battle" of epic proportion. When a spin is passe.

Do you remember this ☺I can still remember exactly where the last remaining one of these was!

Kodak Fotomat (they were at every busy made you want to buy film whether you had a camera or not!

I watched "The Price is Right" every time I stayed home sick from school. I LOVED AND ADORED Bob Barker. And Bob made a popular comeback in college when we would all gather in the common area to watch TPIR just before the doors opened for lunch.

Mr. Rodgers... He is a person you can never say anything bad about. I think there is a law against it. But, now that he has passed on to another world.  I have to tell you as a kid… I couldn’t stand him! He drove me crazy. He would talk to you in that extra slow voice…I kept wondering to myself does he think I’m stupid, like I have all day here to watch you to take off your shoes! And the puppets on the trains! There is only one thing creepier than clowns and its puppets on trains.

Rogers land of make believe. Lady Elaine Fairchilde and her Museum-Go-Round always gave me nightmares! Loved all the other characters.