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Report: Tablet Owners Shop While Using Devices and Watching TV - #SecondScreen Engagement | #SocialTV Apps - The Future of Multiplatform Television, Transmedia, Social TV, Smart TV and Connected TV

Infographic: Social Television: How Social Media Changed the Way We Watch TV

Digital video watched more on Connected TV than smartphones or tablets [INFOGRAPHIC]

How You’re Turning Sitcoms Into Social Phenomena [INFOGRAPHIC] via Direct.tv | Watching TV is rapidly changing from a passive way to unwind into a necessarily social phenomenon. And this infographic explores just how we are tweeting our way to social TV.

tv goes social the rise of the second screen

#SocialTV Research: Is #Twitter Transforming How we Watch TV? [INFOGRAPHIC] via Brandwatch

Seevibes celebrates the arrival of the new iPad with an exclusive study on the use of the Apple tablet for Social TV. Over the last few months we’ve analyzed millions of social media interactions about TV in Canada. Compared to Android and BlackBerry devices and even the iPhone, our study clearly demonstrates that the iPad is the device with the fastest increase in use over time. #socialtv #infographic #ipad #tvshow #canada #quebec

Top TV shows this week based on social impressions #SociaTV #SecondScreen

Top 10 Super Bowl XLVII Commercials in Social TV #INFOGRAPHIC via @Bluefin Labs

And the Most Social TV Network of the Year Is... [INFOGRAPHIC] Plus, The Most Social Shows of 2012 | by TrendrrTV for Advertising Age

SURVEY : "95% say they engage after the show is over, 53% prior to the show and another 40% while it’s airing" source : http://www.lostremote.com/2012/04/03/survey-viewers-get-social-to-keep-tv-shows-on-the-air/

Social Media Analytics | Infographic | Information Technology & Social Media News

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The TouchPico Projector can turn any flat surface into an interactive screen.

Social TV ecosystem

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What Are The Top Social Networks For Business Owners? #infographic

// New Study Lends Insight Into Shopping Habits of Tablet Users. IPAD RULES. Mind Boggling Social Media Video --> goo.gl/IuQ91

Social Media in the workplace - Business or pleasure? #socialmedia #infographic