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29 The Union flag is raised during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium. MIKE BLAKE/REUTERS

The Union flag is raised during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium July, (Mike Blake/Reuters) PHOTO LINK

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Now - London 2012 Olympics Games poster. Influenced by the 1948 London Olympic games poster.

Some amazing facts for the Opening and Closing Ceremony of #Olympics 2012! Excited to witness the spectacular event #London ?

London 2012 Olympics: opening and closing ceremonies by numbers

Bryan Pinkall's World of Opera, Olympics, and More: 2004 Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony - Athens (entire ceremony)

The Olympic Stadium in Olympic Park, London, England, will be the centrepiece of the 2012 Summer Olympics, the 2012 Summer Paralympics, and the venue for a number of the athletic events, as well as the Olympic Games' opening and closing ceremonies. It is located at Marshgate Lane in London's Stratford district in the Lower Lea Valley and has capacity for the games of approximately 80,000 making it temporarily the third-largest stadium in Britain behind Wembley Stadium and Twickenham Stadium.

Almost two weeks until the start of the 2012 Games. Make sure to catch all the action in person or at The Metropolitan London at a private viewing party.

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Fireworks ignite over the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games on July 27 at Olympic Park.

Paralympics, London 2012

Either go to the figure skating one during the Winter Olympics or to the gymnastics one during the Summer Olympics

Olympic Games closing ceremony

London 2012: This closing ceremony was a raucous pageant of popular culture

Fireworks at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony state college fireworks company

Who the London 2012 Performance | Extinguishing the Olympic Flame - YouTube

The Who perform a selection of hits during the closing ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games during which the Olympic Flame is extinguished.