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I'm STILL waiting cause I don't have the stinking channel!

And as A teacher I love the Doctors truth in History ;

OMG!!! Have friend that watches docter who. I told her I didn't. her face went from :) to :(

today I saw a stranger wearing a TARDIS shirt and I literally had to stop myself from embracing her. Totally know the feeling!

Tiger, Tigger, uncoordinated housecat, grumpy cat aka ways to describe different incarnations of the doctor

A thousand times yes Am I the only one who doesn't like Peter? Matt and David were so cheerful and funny and sweet, and then you have Peter, who's like "I HATE THE WORLD."<---yes but he's better than no more doctors and can be hilarious

Quickly! - The Whovian in me laughed so hard at this one.


doctor who/disney!

I rewatched Aladdin the other day and this was my first thought when it got to this scene. OMG is Aladdin the doctor now?

Doctor Who

Morning coffee (39 photos)

I decide that my pin about the hunger games should explain my life. This is my life.

Doctor Who Workout!

The Doctor Who Workout Challenge! - Watch Doctor Who AND workout I'll be skinny in no time!


Freaking scary episode, but a great Doctor-Rose moment, even though she wasn't actually there. Totally had the same reaction except I fell off my couch, hehehe, got a little exited…. <---THIS comment exactly.

Not true. Captain Jack Harkness  is American (but actor is Scottish). And later in season 6 we meet Canton Deleware and a bunch of other Americans. Funny thing about Canton (the actor is actually British- Mark A. Shepard (Crowley from Supernatural) >I couldn't resist responding to this, because he does meet people who aren't British...

It's because the tardis translates into your native language, so if the speaker is not speaking English, it defaults to a British accent. This also explains why Americans and jack Harkness do not have a British accent.

Anne of Green Gables - Gilbert Blythe Awkward Penguin Meme

Anne of Green Gables - Gilbert Blythe Awkward Penguin Meme