"One of life's greatest pleasures is having one's hair brushed." - Letters to Juliet (such a cheesy movie, but this quote is absolutely true)



just the little things

The little things in life

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I love to hear my kids laugh, even now that they are almost grown, it just makes my heart smile.

Then I end up waking up early. But, that's ok, because it happened without an alarm clock!

the little things

Love clear and green the most! #Christmas #lights #happiness #bliss #simple_things_in_life

the little things

just little things

Just Little Things...a long list of "just the little things" to be grateful for...well worth the read!

Just Little Things

LOVE this website...it is the little things that makes life what it is! Made me realize how many "little things" make me smile daily! :)

Just Little Things

little things

Good thing