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  • Wendy Bryant

    i know Karate and Crazy - watch out world here i come - Crazy ninja!!!

  • Kimberly Fink

    Karate vs. Crazy - True story!

  • Danielle Rogers-Callahan

    Ive got a black belt in CrAzY!! funny stuff...

  • Jessica Pallow

    LOL I always tell my sister, when you feel like someones watching you walk to your car, just twitch , yell things out and act like a crazy person. They wont come NEAR YOU!!! hahaha!!!

  • Amazing Adornments

    James Brown Sang the words, I don't know karate, but I know crazy in the song the Big Payback...the rest???

  • jacoby sherman

    I've got a black belt in CRAZY! ( this made me chuckle as I'm sitting at Drew's Karate class... Also Drew's music teacher ties pieces of colored yarn to their recorders for "recorder karate" I'm kind of inspired to carry around pieces of colored fabric to hand out to people.... You have a green belt in uselessness .... Congratulations on your brown belt in bitchy!"

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Ha ha ha! The sad part is that all of this is 100% true!!


My hair looks bad some days but NEVER as bad as that jackasses. Trump, I mean. Not the other one.

seriously could you imagine! Bunch of naked people running around sunrise looking for swamps!

Never any good side effects…

Best of the Month - Boring Pics + Epic Captions = Taste of Awesome

yup, as im currently eatting cake.. hmm if only eating made you sexy and toned... :(

I'm going to let these pans soak. Otherwise known as, I don't feel like doing the dishes!

November...The month where people who have complained on Facebook for the past 11 months become thankful for 30 days.

Actually I was only in labor for 11hrs with you Rollins and never once had to push. You will hear how thankful your father and i are that i got a csection and how glad we both are that you never tore/wrecked my vagina if anything..... Lol

Woo hoo, it's Friday! Oh wait.. I'm a mom. -- Omg!! Story of my life... Kids don't believe in weekends or any days off for that matter.