Eating is tiring

this is adorable :)

This puppy who just had a really tough day at work. | The 40 Most Adorable Baby Animal Photographs Of 2013

Cute dog eating biscuits

I'm just gonna go ahead and file this under Doggy Hair Ideas

Cute Puppy In Frog Costume, Click the link to view today's funniest pictures!: Cute Animal, So Cute, Cute Pug, Cute Dog, Cutest Animal, Adorable Animal

Pancake the happiest corgi… I want a dog like this! So cute!

Puppy nap time


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Oh! this is the cutest thing i have ever seen

so sleepy <3


Kids who are too good for this world.cute kids with cute pets.---My wife told my daughter that the kitty was hurt (arthritis) and to be careful with her. Daughter: “Ok ,I’ll read to her”.


Puppies & baking<3


Full grown golden cocker retriever- looks like a puppy forever! This is precious.

Aww.. peek a boo!

Happy Birthday to youuuu!