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There's this feeling when you're walking down a winding path, smewher that you've never been before. You may be tired and want to turn back but you can't resist that desire to see what's beyond the next bend...

On the road.. looks like it's gonna be a good trip!

couldn't decide b/w photography and pretty...

I would like to gaze away my world through my own window. If you want to join me, you are always welcomed. You're welcome.

I could spend a lifetime here (if arable land and potable water are nearby.)

Hi ok so we've been friends for a while and I know you've been feeling super upset. I want you to know that I think you're amazing, like fr, I could go on and on about how funny and sweet and rad and cool you are, but I bet you already know, I'm so sorry that people make up lies about you and hurt you, bc you don't deserve it at all (more in comments)

And this is the reason o want to travel the world so that I can record pictures of amazing places like this!