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  • Lydia Dieckmann

    Lassie, the puppy love of my young life.

  • beachgal

    Actress June Lockhart turns 89 today. She was born 6-25 in 1925. Many knew her for film roles and the tail end of the 50s took over the role of Ruth Martin, Timmy's mom on that vintage of TVs Lassie. She also was known by younger boomers for her TV role as Dr. Maureen /Robinson on TVs Lost In Space.

  • StereoCulture Society

    "Lassie" with June Lockhart and Jon Provost

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Timmy - Dog - Blue Eyes - Checkered Shirt - Blonde HairI don't remember the books, just the TV show. Dad encouraged us to watch this - he must have liked it too!

For over 60 years, Lassie has been loved by millions around ... 1938- British author Eric Knight writes the short story "Lassie Come Home" that ... 1946- LASSIE Radio show began and runs until 1949 of my very fav Saturday TV show! Everyone wanted to have a Lassie!

Lassie! Every Sunday evening I would watch and every Sunday evening I would cry I always was so nervous that Lassie wouldn't make it!

TV series Lassie,1955- I'd start crying just hearing the opening theme music - so sad that Lassie was lost looking for Timmy!

My Colly was called Leo. Looked just like Lassie.

Lassie, the tenth-generation descendant of the collie TV star of the same name. Lassie was not competing at Westminster, but attended many promotional events with her public-relations team.

Jeff and Lassie Thomas Noel Rettig, known as Tommy Rettig (December 10, 1941 – February 15 , 1996) looks nothing like Jon Provost ("Timmy"), who was on later shows.

Lassie--watched it on Sunday nights while eating a grilled cheese sandwich

June Lockhart, Timmy's mom, Ruth Martin, in the 1950s-60s CBS series "Lassie"; Maureen Robinson in another CBS show, the 1960s "Lost in Space."

1956 TV Guide Cover, Featuring Lassie | Flickr - Photo Sharing!