This is Molly...a survivor of Hurricane Katrina....

I don't usually do these, but I have a dog and this makes me so sad :'(

Falabella miniature horses are typically less than 3 feet tall, which makes riding them a bit difficult, but they aren’t ponies, they are real horses.

Amazing dog gets a new chance with four prosthetic legs!

she stayed with her horse for 3 hours, holding his head above the rising tide while being rescued. now that's true love

This horse broke his leg during a race. As he was not going to compete anymore his owner decided to send him to slaughter. Fortunately an animal sanctuary rescued him, giving him the opportunity to live in a place where he is not valued in terms of profit. Now he has a home where he is respected. Please support animal sanctuaries.


Twins! Very, very rare in horses.

Star - She was rescued with extreme damage to her feet and legs due to neglect and lack of proper hoof care for years. She was very emaciated and had lice. She didn't lose her limbs but is supported with braces. She's doing fabulously, even trotting and wearing braces 14 hours a day now. Amazing little girl. The true spirit of the horse!

Big Jake, a Belgian gelding owned by Jerry Gilbert, of Poynette, is the world's tallest horse and stands nearly 6-foot-11 at the shoulders.

horse rescues blind dog

horses love kids as much as kids love horses!

29 Animals Who Really Understand The Struggle. #6 Just Can't Handle Being Awake Today - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

OMG Ponies!11!!!!1!!1! (AND Goats!)....Instead of running from the hail,this sweet horse protected his little friends.awwww

Let me show you the Dance of my People...! Goofy frolicking foal!

Love the colouring on this horse.

"YOU are Awesome!"

Wow what a horse!! So beautiful. :)

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