Mozambique Island.

Inuit woman, Arctic Bay, Baffin Island, Canada


Steve McCurry - Monsoon. Half the world's people live at the whim of the monsoon.

Humanity's beauty #oneness #people #heart #humanity Photographer Aaron Huey on assignment for "The High Road to Machu Picchu" in the May/June 2009 issue of National Geographic Traveler.

i **LOVE** to see people smile, GENUINELY happy, it doesn't matter age, gender, looks, number of teeth, position in life, religion, political opinions, slums or whatever, etc. A big child-like joyful grin and eyes that light up on a face is the most beautiful thing in the world to me!!! <3

Traditional dress of Afghanistan.

Elderly Tibetan woman with a prayer wheel.

an orange becomes priceless in many cultures.

Madonna from Nepal

Such grit, character and detail LOVE!



Loikaw, Myanmar/Burma

gorgeous girl

Eyes that have seen too much ... Photo by Amnon Eichelberg

Why do they wear that kind of stuff on their faces?