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Old age, in the Goddess religion, is seen very positively, as the time when activity has evolved into wisdom. It brings about the final initiation, which is death. Sacrifice is inherent in life, in constant change that brings constant losses. Blessed Be

i **LOVE** to see people smile, GENUINELY happy, it doesn't matter age, gender, looks, number of teeth, position in life, religion, political opinions, slums or whatever, etc. A big child-like joyful grin and eyes that light up on a face is the most beautiful thing in the world to me!!! <3

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Faces of Peru

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Child of the Solomon Islands - The South Pacific. The people are naturally blond with no mixture of European blood and having ancestry that is African. It is the work of certain beings who create divisions among humans in order the create superiority of one over the other. But nature has no colour line.

Padaung People (Kayan or Long Neck) are the heritage one of the greatest treasures of the World. The Padaung is an ethnic minority of Myanmar, a tribe of the Kayan people, some Padaung people are migrant to western Thailand, Meahongson.