(( awesome idea!)) Love the family pics.

canvas wall collage -- love this and there are always coupon deals for photo canvases.

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Pic frames from floor to ceiling

I love the framed wall socket gallery idea.put a dab of toothpaste in the middle of the back of the frame and press where you want it on the wall.then you know where to hang the nail.

Canvas gallery wraps. Wall portrait grouping for nursery. Newborn #photography #portrait #picture over the crib. Nursery art and decoration.

Decorating with Portraits at Peekaboo Photography

Put foam board covered in fabric in a large frame. Love this idea for pictures want to temporarily display, like ones that just got printed. Wouldnt dent the pictures or make them hang funny like the clothesline frames do, but would look more like a bulletin board. Would use double-sided tape to hang the pictures.

Jordans Room (could use crown molding) Fun idea…Giant Frame – Pictures mounted on foam board, fabric for the back ground all in a giant (spray painted) frame. Love this for a big blank wall. @ Home Idea Network

family tree picture on wall | Family Tree Wall Decal - Picture Frame Tree. via Etsy. Then you can ...

Family Tree Wall Decal Picture Frame Tree by pinktoblue on Etsy from pinktoblue on Etsy. Saved to Home is where the heart is.

We all have blank walls, but not everyone is an artist and few of us have the budget for one-of-a-kind works. If you want the wall space in your home to be furnished, colorful, and personal, how about trying your hand at one

Photo display idea Looks gorgeous but I would hate to dust all of those pictures!!!!

skylight - the wall of pictures to put by the stairs---family room top pic

Tutoriel photo géante

Giant Picture for Cheap: STEP 2

TUTORIAL DE COMO HACER UNA GALERÍA DE FOTOS EN LIENZO Hola Chicas!! Le tengo un tutorial de cómo hacer una galería de fotos pegadas en lienzo, puedes hacerlas del tamaño que más te gusten, yo en mi caso las haré de 4x4 para decorar el pasillo de mi piso y las fotografías que pondré que serán en blanco y negro, pero puedes ponerlas en color también si gustan, les dejo una galería de fotos y el tutorial de cómo lograr esta obra de arte y que tu casa quede hermosa con fotografías de la familia.

Love this idea for displaying photo canvasses - instead of one ginormous one, combine smaller ones!

Canvas photo collage

Photo via: Uploaded by user You may also be interested in 🙂Use a collage photo frame to make a dry-erase weekly calendar…geniusGreat photo collage, gray [.

Creative DIY Ways to Display Your Family Photos --> Creative Family Photo Wall Clock

Just print off any picture you want, then spray paint a piece of wood black, cut the picture to match the size of the wood. Using Mod podge coat the wood then lay the picture on top. Once it has dried thoroughly, use sandpaper to rough up the edges, then put a layer of mod podge over the picture. paint some eye hooks and use pretty ribbon as a hanger and voila!

Print any picture you want, spray paint a piece of wood black, cut the picture to match size. Mod Podge wood & lay picture on top. Once dry, use sandpaper to rough up the edges & Mod Podge over the picture. Paint eye hooks & use pretty ribbon as a hanger.