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I'm fascinated with the world. I have so many questions about people and why they think like they do, how their culture works, and how their world is so different for mine. It's easy to get caught up in "your" world and forget about the rest.

Beautiful Black and White Photography from @Pinterest

This looks like ecstasy to this little one, almost like praying, thank you for this beautiful water...words can't do this picture justice

convolutedperceptions: doyayoda: mindofabbox: theedjcagedbird: this baby has the entire world in it’s eyes. Spectacular. Amazing eyes omg Reminds me of left eye

Africa | Four children laughing at the Kauma Community Based Childcare Centre. Lilongwe. Malawi | © Anthony Asael

Heath Ledger and Matilda...the true value of being photographed with your children is only appreciated when one dies