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Vintage style pay phone - wish I had the space for this

I want to make triple copies of everything I own, just so I can deck everything out in nonpareil colors.

beechwood 4-5789...hahaha...yep, these were our phones! You could stretch those cords all over the house to get away from nosey listeners...and they were sturdy! Indestructible!

I can remember when touchtone became the new high tech! We had a lime green one.

I will eventually get a phone like this. I like the idea of getting rid of the cordless and dialing up my lovely friends to make grounded calls.

1904 North Electric Co. phone We used a phone like this until 1976. Last in Kansas to get dial phones.

Phone booth. A place to sit, a door to close, and usually an intact phone book, as well!

Vintage telephone, from the 50s before that there was no curly cord. Just cord like on an iron.

Amazon: Great Northern Popcorn Machine - totally unnecessary but adorable anyway

1959 - Pacific Telephone Ad - Gay colors for your kitchen, only five cents a day after a one-time color charge and installation fee!! Back in the day, when phones were hard-wired to the line in your home, and you rented your phone.

Turquoise rotary phone - ours were avocado, and black. Drew just saw one of these for the first time in an antiques store this weekend, and he was so confused as to how to "dial" it!

Once upon a time, everyone had one of these. In basic black. It was a big deal when color was introduced. BTW, our phone company charges us a couple of dollars a month for "touch tone service" - c'mon - when WAS the last time anyone used a rotary dial?