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"I like people who I can occasionelly have really deep conversations with, and at the same time joke around with them". (by Kushandwizdom)

Lol I tried to pick the words before looking at the corresponding letters and sure enough: INT(J/P) I am both stressed and a flower child. Not sure how that happened, but it did.

My affection for intellectual conversations explained brilliantly.

Annie Compean Minton must take this test because I think I have her figured out... :)

For wanderers, dreamers, and lovers, for lonely men and women who dare to ask of life everything good and beautiful...

Almost all of these are perfect. Number 1 is a bit different for me. I do want advice sometimes, or maybe I just want to know what people I respect would do in the situation. Number 6 is just hilarious-not sure they got it, but that may be the point.

MBPT compatibility chart | this seems really different than other things that I have seen, especially from the book Please Understand Me, which is typically understood to be a pretty good resource.

Myers Briggs Typologies. ..ESTJ for me. << me too. And when I'm around people (that I don't know very well) I am ESFJ.

MBTI Cognitive Functions Note infographic is linking to Jungian types and prioritization of intakes. Link below for further info. For example: INFJ maps as NI - Introverted Intuiting FE - Extroverted Feeling TI - Introverted Thinking SE - Extroverted Sensing and so forth. Interesting concepts to research further.

What is My Nature...My name is Sandra and I am an INFJ with no wiggle room. I have always tested INFJ for many years. I like it. I do wonder how difficult it is for INFJs to meet other INFJs in the real world? Are there type clubs?:)