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    The 4 MBTI Function Pairs

    INFJ + ENFP. ^_^ I love INFJs. :sigh: of course I love each type in their own way. It's scary how accurate the list for me is. I always have to withdraw when dealing with hurt feelings to sort them out.

    MBTI - Interesting take on the MBTI.

    Emotional Energy Centers of the Body

    I am an owl (Female INTP) paired with a horse (Male ESFJ). It makes for an interesting life ;)



    What is My Nature...My name is Sandra and I am an INFJ with no wiggle room. I have always tested INFJ for many years. I like it. I do wonder how difficult it is for INFJs to meet other INFJs in the real world? Are there type clubs?:)

    Divides Myers-Briggs into 4 Temperaments

    The Idealists (INFP, INFJ, ENFP, ENFJ)

    Myers-Briggs Personality Types of Designers - UX Movement

    The cognitive functions and spiritual gifts

    MBTI 101

    Musical MBTI types!

    INFJ Personality Profile - This article was so accurate it left me speechless. I still can't get over how accurate it is... It amazes me... #INFJ #Introvert


    Philosophy and MBTI

    #infj #intj #introvert

    INTJ - Cognitive functions | #mbti #jung

    Cognitive functions.