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  • Carmen Cirino

    Adolf Eichmann Trial | How Adolf Eichmann Brought Healing to Israel | Messiah's Mandate

  • Vessela Bakalova

    Adolf Eichmann stands in his glass cage, flanked by guards, in the Jerusalem courtroom where he was tried in 1961 for war crimes committed during World War II. After his kidnapping by Israeli Mossad agents in Argentina, Eichmann was tried and convicted of all 15 charges against him including crimes against humanity, and was executed on May 31, 1962.

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Autism comes not only with rigid thinking patterns due to mindblindness/Theory of Mind deficits, but also with hyperfocus and missing essential information, with a lack of understanding for one s own motivations and feelings and with a tendency to higher-than average anxiety and towards catastrophic thinking.

Weils eigener Bruder beurteilte sie so: "Entweder sie ist verrückt, oder sie ist eine Heilige." Und ihre Mutter sagte einmal, angesprochen auf die Berühmtheit der Tochter: "Ach, wie viel lieber wäre es mir gewesen, wenn sie glücklich gewesen wäre."

Emily Murphy, mainly known for being the first judge of the British empire and for her success in the "persons case", and much less for her racist remarks against Chinese and Hindu, her anxiety of being overpopulated by the "wrong" kind of people, her heavy advocacy for compulsory sterilization. - It is all related.

... This is then a kind of them, the resisting kind of them, and there are many kinds of that kind of them. This is a very sure way of grouping kinds in men and women. I know it and I see men and women by it. Mostly to any one new it means nothing. I will begin again then this explaining. (See Jonathan s review for full quote.)

In Sweden, Ellen Kay, in The Century of the Child and The Renaissance of Motherhood, maintained that motherhood is so crucial to society that government, rather than husbands, should support mothers and children.

Good explanation of Asperger autism (in German). With quotes from Hans Asperger and Tony Attwood.

Freud avises 19-year-old Anna against the immaturity of his "very valuable co-worker" Ernest Jones, and in a 2nd letter 5 days later, that she should absolutely "avoid being alone with him". He writes to Jones: "She does not claim to be treated as a woman, being still far away from sexual longings and rather refusing man." www.knut-boeser.d...

It is not just missing eye focus and face blindness. In another scene from the same movie, people on the autism spectrum focus entirely on the dialogue between the man and the woman in the front - and miss out on the jealous husband in the background. How can such people later judge in family courts?

The Grand Lesson After my child was diagnosed with autism, the grand lesson finally got through to me. Life isn’t about finding sets of rules. It’s about seeing my own child, other people’s children, and other adults behaving in ways that I didn’t expect, and then challenging my own prejudices and reactions. It’s about learning to broaden our narrow perceptions of normal, thinking carefully about what we mean when we say “different,” and how we define happiness.

German pedagogue guru Fröbel invented not only the Froebel star (or German star) but also other origami forms.

Child Health Director Has Background in Genetics - The New York Times. Leon Eisenberg s stepson Alan Guttmacher is the biologic son of two psychiatrists, and nephew of eugenitist Alan Guttmacher: "It was all over the family." (the medical professions or - as one might add - the pertinent ones)... both my father and my uncle died of leukemia."