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  • Stephanie W

    okay, this is SO true! If I have to run to the door because you're standing there with it open for me, it really is more polite to just go in and let me come at my own pace. But thanks for the thought.

  • Allied Family of Schools

    Today, on this Monday, know the proper distance when you hold the door for someone. #humor

  • Brigitte Bashor

    I found myself in the awkward position yesterday so in order to make it less awkward I ran to the door witch actually made it more awkward! So thanks random person for holding that door open for me!!

  • Crystal Wiley

    Omg, I almost pissed my pants when I saw this! Funny stuff :-)

  • Samantha Oblinsky

    Haha ahh yes the awkward moment when your pratically running to get in the door to not be rude hahahha

  • Sami Vidaurri

    holding doors so true!

  • Lisa Turtle

    Holding Doors.. I laughed way to hard with this!

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Ron Swanson at the end this is sooo true though!

Never had a problem--consider it a competition to get the other people to leave due to my stench...

First, it's the laptop. After that, it's the iPad, then the iPod. This is my hubby and I... almost every night!

OMG this is so true!! Standing up: me:oh wow my legs don't look so bad! Sitting down: me:oh wow I look like a beached whale.

I've never come across this in life, but that's probably how I would feel about it.

This really happened to me. Instead of helping, people took pics. Jerks.