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  • Lauren Kramer

    I want free wine!

  • Martha Dismer

    Gary is my favorite wine blogger!

  • Blake Weber

    Hoping i will win>>>> Pin and Win: Pin this $90 bottle of wine and I will pick one of you randomly and send you the BOTTLE ( me not Wine Library ) -tasting note_ This is a classic Bordeaux, huge fruit and wonderful dark raspberry, sour cherry, hint of cedar a touch of coffee bean and a mix of Petes coffee, Green MT. Coffee and a splash of starbucks on the finish, yes this wine has coffee flavors but most of all it's complex, well made and the finish will last for 60+ seconds. Look for this wine to last 20 years or so in the cellar but with 2 hours of decanting could be amazing now.

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Pin and Win: Pin this wine and I will pick a winner from the pinners tomorrow by midnight, I will ping u on Pinterest with my email. Now as for the wine: Notes: Licorice and black paint and a hint of old shoe dominate this wonderful medium body wine, huge hints of Tabasco and tobacco leaf resonate through the mid palate and the wonderful sour and I mean sour cherry finish this wine off. I adored this wine and expect it to last for 15+ years! $41 PS: This wine comes from me gary vaynerchuk not any wine retailer

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Pin and Win. One of you that Pin this wine will win it from me personally ( not WL) The wine is lovely loaded with road tar, purple candy and a beef jerky/slim jim. The powerful mid-palate was lovely and this is a SICK $15 wine

Loaded wine, Washington State is bringing serious thunder on this wine raspberry candy, black cassis, violet flowers, currant, blackberry jam, and a hint of bell pepper, olive and asparagus. The wine finishes strong, let it age for 10 years!

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Situated in central Italy along the Tyrrhenian coast, Tuscany is home to some of the world's most prominent wine regions and Italy’s third most planted region.

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