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  • Rosie Jackson

    The Joker Or Ronald McDonald? Why so happy meal?... Even though this scares the crap out of me.. it's kind of funny.

  • Mandilee Miller

    Yikes, Its kind of a statement to the adrocities of overly processed food and the fast food industry as well as their desire to hook r children young by useing these figures that instill joy in r children but stand for the consumer driven market dependent on the next generation to keep them afloat. Or mayb its just a creepy way to make fun of Ronald McDonald.

  • Melissa 'Boggs' Jones

    Ronald McDonald / halloween costume

  • Karly Borgholthaus

    One image explains why Ronald McDonald -- and all clowns by extension -- are terrifying to me. They all remind me of the Joker.

  • Barbara Lodge

    Ronald McDonald re dux (Heath Ledger as The Joker in a composite photo)

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