Moriarty should know better.

Why Sherlock is better than Elementary.

Only cause we know better.

Little John and Sherlock art :3

Love him, HATE HIM...

"Well, Moriarty was a "better class of criminal."- It's true.

Hehe. :3

"...I got better."

John & Sherlock


Sherlock and John

So, wait, Benedict Cumberbatch is an otter AND Tigger!? :O

Alton Brown just gets better and better

This was just perfect <3

John, Mycroft, and Sherlock.

Sherlock & Sherlock, John & John, Mycroft & Mycroft.

"I warned you not to speak to Americans that way. They are punchy." lol! Also, poor Dean. If Sherlock came up and started poking at my vulnerabilities like that, I'd wanna punch him, too.

Scumbag Moffat and Gatiss. I love them

You slowly come to terms with the fact that you’re entirely in his power. | 25 Reasons Why Steven Moffat Is The Biggest Troll In Television